Sessions by Day: Tuesday

Concurrent Sessions D

Tuesday, 8:45 am - 10:00 am

  • Changing Financial Aid Focus from Student Headcount to Net Tuition Revenue

    Business Operations

    As financial aid is becoming a larger portion of school budgets and thus, a larger component of student recruitment and retention, schools need to change their budget focus and goal setting from student headcount to net tuition revenue (NTR). Review templates that allow a school to annually monitor and track their NTR metrics. Identify other important financial aid metrics that schools should be monitoring year after year. Get recommendations for identifying and mitigating negative trends.

    Palmer Ball, President, Palmer Ball Consulting, LLC

  • Improve Your School's Operational Performance and Financial Position Using the NBOA Financial Dashboard

    Accounting, Finance and Tax

    Relevant and reliable data is important to the work of business officers and the decisions you must make to help ensure your school's long-term financial sustainability. The NBOA Financial Dashboard for Independent Schools makes your role of data reporter that much simpler. Learn how to use the NBOA Financial Dashboard to assess, monitor and improve your school's operational performance and financial position, and use the 12 pre-loaded key financial indicators from BIIS to tell your school's story and help you plan your future.

    James Palmieri, Senior Vice President, National Business Officers Association

  • It's Here! Preparing for the New Financial Statement Presentation Standards

    Accounting, Finance and Tax

    The new FASB financial reporting rules have been discussed for the past two years. However, the rubber now meets the road as schools must adopt these rules effective with the close of the current fiscal year. In this session, we delve into the areas of liquidity disclosure and net asset consolidation in order to provide participants with a road map that can be applied to their respective situations, and discuss upcoming FASB pronouncements (revenue recognition, contribution conditions, leases, etc.) to keep participants informed of the next challenges after adopting the financial reporting standard.

    Michele DiVito, Assurance Senior Director, RSM US LLP
    Jeri Fleming, Audit Senior Manager, RSM US LLP

  • Leveling the Playing Field: The Real Cost of Independent Schools

    Business Operations

    For their children to participate fully in school, families typically must contribute financially beyond tuition. Using a case study approach, learn how schools develop clear and manageable policies to support financial aid families with additional costs as they seek to build truly inclusive environments.

    Brandie Melendez, Director of Community and Inclusion, The Berkeley Carroll School
    Arunie Dias, Chief Financial Officer, The Berkeley Carroll School
    Robert Vitalo, Head of School, The Berkeley Carroll School

  • Navigating Changing Currents: A Technology Management Framework Designed for CFOs

    Business Operations

    School technology departments are changing from being managed by the business office to partnering with the business office. This session presents a technology management framework that has successfully been put into practice by dozens of schools across the country. This framework helps business officers initiate a 360-degree assessment of their technology program and build a stronger voice in times of transition.

    Ted Forbath, Chief Financial Officer, Breck School
    Gabriel Lucas, Co-Founder, Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools
    Leslie Lucas, Chief Operating Officer, The Athenian School

  • Pay Equity: What Independent Schools Need to Know

    Human Resources

    Many states have recently passed laws expanding protections to eradicate pay differentials based on gender and other protected characteristics. Complying with these laws can be challenging for independent schools. Experienced school counsel offer guidance on and lessons learned from complying with new pay equity laws, conducting related pay equity audits, and the laws' impact on independent schools.

    Matthew Batastini, Partner, Schwartz Hannum PC
    Sarah Fay, Attorney, Schwartz Hannum PC

  • Sexual Abuse Investigations: Assessing the Difficult Issues

    Risk Management

    A panel of experienced attorneys take a deep dive into the difficult issues that arise in investigations of current and skeleton sexual abuse cases. Some issues the panelists address include strategy decisions about the pros/cons of using an independent investigator versus a retained outside law firm; whether to send an outreach letter in skeleton cases and the content of such a letter; potential conflict issues when board members are named as having knowledge of potential abuse; reaching out to possible victims who choose not to call; pros/cons and content of issuing a report; limitations issues; and reporting issues.

    Michael Blacher, Partner, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore
    Suzanne Bogdan, Regional Managing Partner and Chair Education Practice Group, Fisher Phillips
    Grace Lee, Vice President, Legal Affairs, National Business Officer Association
    David Wolowitz, Senior Director, McLane Middleton Law Firm

  • The Evolving and Increasingly Important Role of the Business Officer

    Executive Leadership

    In a climate with rising tuition and shrinking demand, independent schools require bold and strategic leadership in order to excel. Explore how business officers can expand the boundaries of the traditional CFO position beyond finance to bolster school leadership. Panelists share examples of how they have helped lead and engage school communities in a strategic planning process built on robust market research to define their schools' value proposition. Discuss a case study of how a highly strategic business officer navigated change and the outcomes it produced.

    Craig Goebel, Principal, Art & Science Group
    Bear Paul, Chief Financial Officer, National Presbyterian School
    Michael Toohey, Chief Financial Officer, George School

  • Top 10 Tax Considerations for Independent Schools

    Accounting, Finance and Tax

    Although your school may be tax-exempt, this does not mean tax is a non-issue. Tax implications for independent schools are very complex. This session provides an overview of the top 10 tax considerations impacting independent schools, along with a practical approach to addressing the issues.

    Karen Gries, Principal, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

  • Total Cost of Ownership and Facilities Decision-Making


    Total cost of ownership is the most advanced measurement of alternatives when making facilities reinvestment decisions. This session uses case studies and other examples to demonstrate how to do the necessary planning and implement strategies to reduce facility operating costs and see financial savings over the life of the asset.

    Kevin Folsom, Facilities Director, Trinity Christian Academy
    Bill Keslar, President, Building Solutions

Concurrent Sessions E

Tuesday, 10:30 am - 11:45 am

  • Adding New Learning Space Without Bricks and Mortar


    Imagine the ability to increase enrollment without drastically increasing your school's existing footprint. By understanding changing classroom pedagogy and creatively repurposing underused spaces across campus, a school can find ways to do just that without the capital cost of new construction. Brainstorm creative solutions to sample space utilization problems and learn how a space utilization study conducted at a pre-K – 12 school in North Haledon, New Jersey, revealed opportunities that may allow the school to increase enrollment, within its existing footprint, by as much as 400 students across three campuses.

    Theresa Duncan, Associate, The Stone House Group
    Thomas Dykhouse, Executive Director and Head of School, Eastern Christian School
    Lawrence Eighmy, Managing Principal, The Stone House Group

  • Bond Financing for Independent Schools

    Accounting, Finance and Tax

    This session provides a basic overview of the key considerations relevant to the use of debt financing for nonprofit independent schools, focused particularly on tax-exempt instruments as the most widely used approach. The session progresses logically through a series of topics to help attendees secure a basic understanding of the factors that will impact the planning and implementation of a debt financing for their schools. Topics include: federal tax law, accounting rules, fundraising debt, affordability analysis, financing alternatives, debt policy and financing process.

    Sean Glynn, Partner, Arent Fox LLP
    Avani Parikh, Director, Standard and Poor’s Global Ratings
    Kevin Quinn, Principal, Wye River Group
    Elyse Waterhouse, Director of Finance and Operations, The Spence School
    Chris Wienk, Senior Vice President, Wye River Group

  • Bridging the Gap: Effective Partnerships Between Operations and the Business Office


    Moderated by an expert in independent school business operations, join a panel of seasoned business officers who will share knowledge from diverse experience in complex facilities and operational issues. This session will offer examples of true partnership between operational departments (facilities, technology, safety and security) and the business office. Facilities professionals and business officers will learn best practices for involving each other in operational decisions with a proactive and strategic approach as well as how to speak "finance" or "operations" if you are a non-financial or non-operational leader at your school. Additionally, both business and facilities professionals should use data, KPIs and metrics for operational decision making, and panelists will share insights into doing this effectively.

    Jill Duncan, Chief Financial Officer, New Hampton School
    Chuck McCullagh, Chief Financial Officer, The Williston Northampton School
    Nick Mirisis, CEO, Independent Education Strategies, LLC
    Rose Neubert, Director of Finance and Operations, Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart
    Jerry Walker, Associate Head of School and Chief Financial Officer, Kent Denver School

  • Human Resources Special Interest Group

    Human Resources

    Independent schools are not all the same, and human resources challenges and opportunities can vary wildly. This session is designed to provide an opportunity for individuals managing human resource functions to join roundtable discussions with other HR professionals from similar types of schools. Groups examine differences and commonalities of individual roles and school communities. The discussions allow for unscripted conversation, shared experiences and learning from each other's successes and failures. Explore how other schools handle many of the same challenges you face.

    Grace Lee, Vice President, Legal Affairs, National Business Officer Association
    Jessica McCullagh, Human Resources Manager, The Archer School for Girls
    Sara Skinner, Director of Human Resources, Lakeside School

  • More than Permission Forms: Effective Risk Management for Extracurricular Programs

    Risk Management

    Extracurricular activities, such as field trips, community service, independent study projects and athletics are valued elements of the school experience. However, by their very nature, extracurricular activities can create additional liability exposure for any school. Learn how to develop an effective risk management plan to limit liability exposure in extracurricular activities. An effective risk management plan involves more than just a permission form and looks more broadly at the program as a whole to ensure that schools are doing everything possible to protect the safety and security of the students entrusted to its care.

    Janice Gregerson, Attorney, Venable LLP
    Caryn Pass, Attorney, Venable LLP

  • Performance Management: Take the Surprise Out of Employee Terminations

    Human Resources

    School officials often avoid effective performance management because they do not want to have those awkward discussions. This puts officials in a difficult position when messaging to their community, and legally, when they decide not to renew or to terminate a teacher or administrator. This session takes the mystery out of performance management and provides methods that enable those communications to be productive to both the school and the employee. Discuss both the practical and legal steps involved in reviewing employee performance and learn how to best handle those tricky situations.

    Susan Guerette, Partner, Fisher Phillips
    Cindy Nichols, Human Resource Manager, Episcopal Academy

  • Special Interest Group: Boarding Schools

    Business Operations

    This session offers a space for open discussion about the issues and concerns facing boarding schools.

    Andrea Nix, Chief Financial Officer, Phillips Academy
    Sandi Pierce, Assistant Head, Finance and Operations, Cate School

  • Surfing Smart Data: Using Psycho-Demographics to Target Market

    Business Operations

    In today's fast-paced and innovative world, millennial parents are eager to find schools that match their needs to educate their children. Learn how Collegiate School and Ravenscroft School have begun surfing the wave of change in data analysis using psycho-demographics to better inform their strategies around targeting markets with enrollment-qualified families. Discuss the use of Google Maps, ESRI data overlays and Experian marketing data.

    Jason Ramsden, Chief Information Officer, Ravenscroft School
    J.P. Watson, Assistant Head of School, Collegiate School

  • Ten Lessons from 10 Years in Online Education

    Executive Leadership

    Ten years ago, four entrepreneurial schools gathered to hatch the idea of creating the first independent school online. In those 10 years, more than 7,500 semester student enrollments and more than 3,000 educators have taken educational or professional development courses. And, importantly, we've learned a lot about innovation in the independent school community; the place of online education in financial sustainability of independent schools; and what face-to-face schools can learn from what works well online. This session is designed to help schools translate these findings into action for both the academic and operational sides of schools.

    Bradford Rathgeber, Head of School and Chief Executive Officer, One Schoolhouse

  • The Changing Landscape of School Safety and Security

    Risk Management

    Learn about the changing landscape of school safety and security. This session is designed specifically for independent schools and focuses on the unique safety and security aspects that differ from public schools and colleges. Topics include emergency and crisis preparedness planning, training, professional development and campus solutions. Learn from current independent school directors of campus safety and security who have extensive law enforcement careers within the FBI and state police. The panel also includes individuals with campus operations, auxiliary programs, risk management and emergency planning experience. Get the tools needed to help your school create a safer campus.

    Jeff Bedford, Director of Campus Safety and Security, Holton-Arms School
    Bill Rouse, Founding Member, AUXS & Independent School Trustee
    Joe Shanahan, Director of Campus Safety and Security, The Episcopal Academy

  • Vaping, Binging and Baking: Addressing Student Substance Use and Abuse

    Risk Management

    The Federal Government reports that the number of students using e-cigarettes has recently tripled. Twenty-three states and D.C. currently have laws legalizing marijuana in some form. Given this, schools must know their options when responding to this widespread risk. How do you address a student with a substance abuse problem or a positive test result? How do you regulate e-cigarettes and marijuana if such use is not restricted by current laws? How do you handle alcohol use at extracurricular events? Explore best practices and legal risks schools face in addressing student vaping and drug and alcohol use.

    Suzanne Bogdan, Regional Managing Partner, Chair Education Practice Group, Fisher Phillips
    Nancy Greene, Vice President of Finance and Operations/CFO, Pinecrest School

NBOA Leadership Awards Lunch

Tuesday, Noon - 2:00 pm

  • The Art of Vision

    Erik Wahl

    The best sustainable edge in organizational success is the ability to differentiate yourself from your competition. Through this practical and highly entertaining program, you will uncover new ways to make your school more creative, innovative and financially sustainable, and above all, help you and your colleagues see the need to become visionary storytellers on campus, in the K-12 independent school industry and beyond.

Concurrent Sessions F:
Business Partner Showcase

Tuesday, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

  • Check Your Equipment: Refreshing Employee Screening and Selection Policies and Procedures

    Business Partner Showcase

    Before hitting the water, you make sure you've covered routine safety practices; but are you reviewing your processes for onboarding team members? From application forms and interviews to background checks and drug testing, trends are changing. Regular checks of these pre-hire tools are vital for ensuring your school recruits the best candidates while avoiding costly risks related to red flags or illegal policies. Get tips to help your hiring managers and others who play a role in selecting your team leverage all the information available to them to make the best hiring decisions possible.

    Ory Tucker, Director of Background Screening Services, Praesidium

  • Facility Rentals and Safety: Mitigating Risk While Hosting Events

    Business Partner Showcase

    With the ever-present challenge of keeping tuition rates down, allowing outside groups to use your facilities can be an economic and efficient way to raise alternative revenue. A win, win. But, what about all the risk that comes with opening your school to non-academic use? Learn how to strike a balance between protecting your institution and those you serve while opening your facilities to the public.

    Brandon Jordan, Private/Independent Sales Manager, Dude Solutions
    David Marcus, Campus Business Manager, de Toledo High School

  • How Schools Get Into Trouble

    Business Partner Showcase

    Educating students, albeit rewarding, is no easy task. And managing the risks inherent to that endeavor can feel overwhelming unless you have a risk assessment and management process in place. One method of identifying risk is to review the past; history is often a good predictor of the future. Using claims and incident data from more than 1,000 schools, review the areas that have historically "gotten schools into trouble." Look into the future and to current trends to identify newer areas of exposure. And uncover proven ways to prevent (or help mitigate) these events from occurring.

    Martin Kelly, President, ISM

  • Planning Your Information Security Program

    Business Partner Showcase

    The business office is accountable for potentially confidential and sensitive information about students, parents, faculty and staff. How do you structure your policies and procedures within and outside of the business office to become and remain compliant with PCI DSS, GLBA, FERPA, HIPAA, and now the GDPR? This session provides the kick-start needed to design an information security program tailored for your school.

    Ron King, President, Campus Guard - A FACTS/Nelnet Company

  • The Keys to Lowering Delinquency at Your School

    Business Partner Showcase

    Learn how to have a smoother sail by lowering student account delinquency by employing key steps and tools. This session led by Smart Tuition will share tricks of the trade, including advanced enrollment timing, what flexibility to offer families, how to manage billpayers based on their needs and how to make related decisions based on metrics. Presenters will also share the school policies to have in place as well as the payment options families want.

    Beth Riccardi, Service Delivery Manager, Blackbaud

  • Knowledge is Power: Results, Trends and Insights from the NBOA/Commonfund Independent Schools Report

    Business Partner Showcase

    Examine key trends that have emerged from a decade of data related to the NBOA/Commonfund Independent Schools Report (Benchmarks Study). Discover how these trends can be used to inform key policy-level decisions related to asset allocation, spending and other key considerations in driving the long-term success of an endowment investment program for independent schools.

    Robert W. Mueller, Chief Financial Officer, New Canaan Country School
    Cathleen Rittereiser, Executive Director, Commonfund Institute
    Steven Snyder, Managing Director and Head of Relationship Management, Commonfund

  • Vendors: Pros and Cons of Risk Transfer

    Business Partner Showcase

    Knowing what type of insurance to ask for, and then getting your business partners to provide it, can be a challenge. Vendors, sports, field trips, information technology, food services, contractors, consultants, summer camps, counseling and medical practitioners all represent potential liability to your institutions. Understanding how to best protect your school from negligence in these operations is of paramount importance in safeguarding your assets and reputation. Avoiding potential liability by transferring risk via contractual means is a great way of lowering the risk of serious claims, but appropriate insurance coverage is another.

    Rusty Godfrey, Area Vice President, Gallagher
    Jeff Martin, Assistant Headmaster for Business and Auxiliary Operations, Norfolk Academy

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Tuesday, 3:45 pm - 5:15 pm

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