2017 NBOA Annual Meeting

February 26 - March 1, 2017

NBOA's largest event and a "must-attend" gathering for business officers and other independent school leaders. This exceptional program provides three days of extensive professional development and networking opportunities for over 1,000 independent school professionals from across the country.

Building Monumental Change

In 1791, President George Washington appointed Pierre Charles L’Enfant to plan and design a federal city as the permanent seat of government. Over the decades, leaders wrestled over what should define the nation’s identity. How to add new memorials without losing the intentions of the past? How to achieve a harmonious coexistence of modernism and tradition? More than 220 years later, the city has adapted remarkably, yet the initial outline of L’Enfant’s plans still hold true.

Independent schools face similar pressures to adapt and evolve, but incremental change may not be rapid enough. How can your school’s business operations keep up with student and family demands? How can your faculty keep pace with advancing technology and 21st century learning styles? How can your school comply with new government regulations and stand out in an increasing competitive marketplace? How can you transform your campus, steeped in tradition, to secure its financial future?

This is a time of monumental change for independent schools. Find the right solutions for your school at the 2017 NBOA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Key Dates

Jul 8

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Oct 3

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Jan 6

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Feb 3

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