Deep Dives


3:45 pm - 5:15 pm

Ask an Attorney

Bring your questions! A panel of independent school legal experts present brief updates on current hot legal topics and you get to ask the questions. Grace Lee, NBOA’s Vice President of Legal Affairs will moderate this program in which you get to ask the questions. Each expert will cover a specific area of law, from student issues, including claims of abuse, enrollment contracts and human resource and benefit issues. Participants will be given ample opportunity to ask questions and engage in thoughtful in depth discussions about today’s pressing legal issues affecting the independent school community.

Jennifer Berman, CEO, MZQ Consulting
Michael Blacher, Partner, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore
Grace Lee, Vice President, Legal Affairs, National Business Officers Association
Caryn Pass, Attorney, Venable LLP

Economic Models in Higher Education: What Can We Learn?

The National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) initiated a two-year project that aimed to help institutions navigate the changing dynamics of current higher education economic models. The project looked at the current state of economic models of higher education and set a vision for what future economic models might look like. They also developed a comprehensive tool that provides the foundation for institutions to engage in complex conversations about higher education economic models that are financially sustainable, efficient, effective, and meet the needs of students, employers, and society. Learn how the results of this project can be applied to independent school business models.

Jacalyn Askin, Higher Education Economic Models Project Manager, NACUBO

How Price Sensitive is Your School

When it comes to tuition, do you know how sensitive your families are to increases? Measuring Success created a statistical methodology for testing the effects of price changes on enrollment every 5 years since 2006. Joining with Independent School Management (ISM) in 2011, Measuring Success re-ran the study, and this past fall, NBOA joined them to take another look at the issue. In the past, empirical finding suggested there was minimal (if any) relationship between tuition price and enrollment, but continued anecdotal sentiments that changes in pricing affects enrollment led us to explore new hypotheses. This session will present the findings of the most recent research on the issue and discuss ways to translate these concepts into practice. The research will give you talking points to take the conversation back to your Head of School and your Boards. This session will be relevant to both experienced and new business officers.

Sacha Litman, Principal Consultant, Measuring Success
Terry Moore, Assistant Head of Finance, Operations & External Affairs, St. Mary's School
Jeffrey Shields, FASAE, CAE, President and CEO, National Business Officers Association

Leading Strategic Conversations

To be an impactful leader, you must have the skills to lead others in strategic conversations on the challenges facing your institution and independent schools in general. Whether you are leading board and committee meetings, planning sessions, or engaging groups in conversations around strategy, the ability to truly engage these groups in meaningful discussions will enable to you to obtain buy-in and consensus. The challenge is - once you’ve gathered the right people to the table, how do you engage all voices? How do you approach the conversation from the mindset of a guide rather than an expert? How do you adjust your course when you realize the group is coming up with great answers to the wrong questions?

Howard Teibel, President, Teibel, Inc.

Offering Strategic Partnership and Insight to Create Value: Role of Business Officers in Conversations About Diversity and Inclusion

HR and Business Officers usually sit in the outer circle of diversity initiatives, approving budget for new programs, personnel, campus speakers and events, and so on. Often excluded from the table where such initiatives are discussed and decided, those responsible for staffing and allocation of revenue dollars play a support and compliance role rather than a strategic one. This approach is ineffective and does not create long-term impact or offer return on investment of time, money, and staff. This deep dive will reframe such initiatives as core to the mission and business of independent schools, and offer HR and Business Officers solutions that will create strategic and sustainable value for your people, policies, programs, and procedures at your school. This session will equip you to authentically engage in change initiatives for diversity and inclusion and take your seat in the inner circle.

Nishant Mehta, Head of School, The Children's School