Deep Dives

Deep Dives

Tuesday, 3:45 - 5:15 pm

  • Ask an Attorney

    Get updates on the most current legal topics including claims of abuse, enrollment contracts, human resources and benefits. Ask your questions to a panel of independent school legal experts and engage in thoughtful, in-depth discussions about pressing legal issues affecting the independent school community.

    Moderated by Grace Lee, Vice President, Legal Affairs, NBOA
    Panelists include Michael Blacher, Partner, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore, Suzanne Bogdan, Partner, Fisher Phillips, and Caryn Pass, Attorney, Venable

  • Healthcare Town Hall and Where We Are Now: Understanding and Managing the Challenges in a Dynamic Health Insurance Environment for Independent Schools

    Bring your questions to this open town hall session on healthcare benefits to find out how business officers should be planning and managing one of the largest and most unpredictable line items in their annual operating budgets. For many institutions, this cost has risen more quickly than a number of other expense categories causing more pressure on the operating budget. The cost of providing this benefit has also been a volatile expense resulting in a re-evaluation of program designs, the nature and scope of the institution-provided benefit, employee cost shares, and institutional risk tolerances. Combined with a changing regulatory environment and the national conversation around healthcare, schools and related stakeholders are thinking proactively around managing costs and risks. A panel of colleagues with various school, legal, and industry expertise will discuss the healthcare landscape from multiple perspectives as well as offer insights into innovative solutions that have proven successful for some schools. A legal expert on the subject will also explore the future of the Affordable Care Act.

    Moderated by Jeffrey Shields, President and CEO, NBOA
    Panelists include Jennifer Berman, CEO, MZQ Consulting, and Jill Duncan, Chief Financial Officer, New Hampton School

  • Leading Schools to Success: Constructing and Sustaining High-Performing Learning Cultures

    The key to an independent school delivering on its mission is the ability of its leaders to construct and continually nurture a culture of sustained high performance. Gain insight into achieving and maintaining an atmosphere of success in schools through effective leadership using a practice-based approach grounded in research and theory. Review the personnel policies that administrators of highly effective schools pursue. Discuss the incentives and support structures they rely on and understand what best defines a modern independent school. Determine whether, and how, leaders from high-performing schools can replicate their success at other schools. Review the day-to-day actions leaders should take to enhance school culture and improve student performance.

    Patrick Schuermann, Research Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Public Policy; Director of Vanderbilt Abu Dhabi Leadership Development Project and Chair, Peabody Professional Leadership Institutes, Vanderbilt University and Peabody College

  • Using Comparative Benchmarking to Create Your School's Roadmap to Enhanced Sustainability

    Administrators of independent schools spend a great deal of time and effort collecting and analyzing information, including comparative operational and financial information. However, in many cases, they are not achieving as high a return on their information investment as they might. Discover how to use “Level III” comparative benchmarking to identify opportunities to create a multiyear roadmap to increased revenues, reduced expenses and enhanced asset utilization. Review case studies and participate in interactive discussions.

    Harry Bloom, Senior Vice President, Client Solutions, Measuring Success