Concurrent Sessions A

10:30 am - 11:45 am

Gender Inclusion on Campus: Evolving Policies and Practices Discussion

Hear an update on evolving legal issues in the school environment nationwide. A case study from one school will in highlight the variety of ways a school might address gender issues in its facilities in order to be supportive and accepting of student needs and concerns. Get a basic overview of the range of issues that make up "gender."

Barbara Whitney, Director of Finance and Operations, Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences
Joel Baum, Senior Director, Professional Development, Gender Spectrum
Donna Williamson, Partner, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore

What 1980s Music Can Teach You about the Law and Independent Schools

Renegade board members. Litigious parents. Apprehensive students. When it comes to understanding legal issues facing today's schools and finding effective ways to manage them, there are few insights more powerful than 1980s music. Explore lessons that can be learned from the prodigious music of the ‘80s that go beyond the bad hair and outrageous costumes. Challenge your preconceptions by hearing big-picture perspectives. Learn how to communicate about legal matters effectively and leave with strategies for dealing with your school's constituencies.

Grace Lee, Vice President, Legal Affairs, NBOA
Michael Blacher, Partner, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore

Two Offices, One Team: Your Critical Partnership with Enrollment Management

As competition heats up, demographics shift, and education evolves, independent schools are increasingly challenged to sustain their models into the future. Success requires schools to a) move toward strategic enrollment management, b) implement a research-based process involving an integrated schoolwide approach to recruitment, and c) enroll and retain students in sufficient quantity. Gain an understanding of the external environment, new customers, and admission policies and practices that shape the traditional admission funnel. Discover hot to make the best use of data to aid forecasting and predictive modeling.

Kate Auger-Campbell, Director of Outreach, The Enrollment Management Association
Dave Taibl, Director of Outreach, The Enrollment Management Association

Developing an Effective Human Resources Practice

Examine the top 10 elements necessary to develop an effective human resources practice. Find out how HR professionals can avoid legal pitfalls, improve their effectiveness in handling HR issues and identify the best use of their time and resources. Learn more about employee classifications, policy manuals, FMLA/ADA, background screenings, regulatory compliance, recruiting/retention, employee relations, harassment training, benefits and data management.

Sara Skinner, Director of Human Resources, Lakeside School
Anita Pittman, Director of Human Resources, Oakhall School

Affordability and Accessibility

Schools face the challenge of remaining affordable and accessible to their communities. They must maximize resources for tuition assistance while stewarding the school's financial assets and maintaining enrollment. Examine three business models that address the issues of access, affordability, and financial sustainability. Discuss how current short-term resources at your school that can be invested properly to help meet tuition-assistance goals.

Cindy Fanikos, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Saint John's Preparatory School
John Buckley, CPA, Partner, AAFCPAs

Independent School Data Trends in the 21st Century: Understanding the New Reality

Independent schools are evolving and changing in important and interesting ways. How administrators collect, present, and use data is a powerful force in ensuring that they acknowledge and guide the change. Using structural, operational, programmatic, and student-outcome data from 115 schools over 24 years, examine trends and discuss their meaning and implication for your school.

Lisa Pullman, Executive Director, INDEX

E-myth Busters

Today's schools and students have access to an unprecedented level of technology, affecting everyone in the school community. What are the proper operational uses and limitations of technology in schools? What are the laws, practices and risks? Understand the administrative considerations of several e-myths regarding the use of technology in schools.

Lee Conner, Assistant Vice President for IT and Transportation, Woodward Academy
Dan Morris, Assistant Director of IT, Woodward Academy


Concurrent Sessions B

1:30 pm - 2:45 pm

Life after the Facility Audit

Are you considering performing a campus facility audit but are wondering about the benefits and unsure about the process? Examine the outcome of one school's facility audit. Discover what prompted school officials to seek the audit and review the challenges and lessons learned. Find out how these administrators elevated their facility management practices as a result of the process and subsequent findings.

Bill Keslar, CEO/President, Building Solutions
Paul Mayhew, Associate Head of School for Operations, River Oaks Baptist School

Navigating Treacherous Waters for Outdoor Education and International Travel Programs

Independent Schools are challenged by the associated with managing outdoor education, international travel and study abroad programs. Consider the array of potential risks: illness and injury, abuse or molestation, disappearance of a child, transportation hazards, medivac and repatriation, medication management and political threats. Management of these various exposures can become a full time job. Review a best-practice approach to establishing a model for assessing various risk exposures and discuss ways to implement appropriate protocols to managing the programs.

Ronald Wanglin, CIC, CSRM, Chairman, Bolton & Company
Cheryl McDowell, ARM, CSRM, CISR, Vice President, Education Practice Group, Bolton & Company
Jamie Gershon, CSRM, AAI, Senior Vice President, Bolton & Company
Barbara Whitney, MBA, Director of Finance and Operations, Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences

Sex And Race: Confronting Complex Challenges on Campus

Society is grappling with complex, volatile issues of race and sexual misconduct. Take part in an interactive discussion about sexual assault and the evolving definitions of consent, as well as bullying, harassment and other forms of interpersonal student misconduct. Understand your reporting obligations to law enforcement and other schools and colleges. Discover strategies for responding to claims that students feel unwelcome or unsafe on campus.

Sara Schwartz, President, Schwartz Hannum PC

Sustainable Innovation: Transformation through Strategy, HR, Building and Branding

Officials at one independent school put forth a mandate to promote and sustain innovation in student learning for the long term. Learn how they achieved this goal through their strategic plan, program changes, space acquisition, debt restructuring, IT reorganization and school re-branding.

Evelyne Estey, MS, Chief Financial and Operating Officer, Lycée Français de New York
Sean Lynch, MA, Head of School, Lycée Français de New York
Elisabeth King, MA, Director of Communications, Lycée Français de New York

Special Interest Group: Controllers

Join your colleagues for a facilitated discussion on shared issues specific to controllers. (A special interest group also will be offered for human resource professionals.)

Mary Kay Markunas, Senior Manager, Member Resources and Industry Research, NBOA
Genevieve Madigan, Vice President, Professional Development and Research, NBOA

Special Interest Group: Human Resource Professionals

Take part in this interactive dialogue with experienced human resource professionals. Participate in an open discussion of HR issues and concerns facing independent schools of all sizes. (A special interest group also will be offered for controllers.)

Sara Skinner, Director of Human Resources, Lakeside School
Janet Graham, Director of Human Resources, McDonogh School
Grace Lee, Vice President, Legal Affairs, NBOA
Anita Pittman, Director of Human Resources, Oakhall School

Technology and Law: Apps, the Cloud, Information Security and Electronic Contracting

"Apps" and "cloud" at one time were considered little more than buzzwords, but today they have become commonplace technologies. Understanding new technologies, and how they can impact the operation of your independent school, is more important than ever. Hear about the latest advances in general commercial technologies, including mobile applications, the cloud, information security and electronic contracting. Examine the risks associated with each from a legal perspective. Discuss the issues and how they play out in the independent school community.

Caryn Pass, JD, Partner, Chair, Education Practice, Venable LLP
James Nelson, MBA, JD, Partner, Technology and Outsourcing, Venable LLP

Technology Should Be Saving You Time and Money

Is your school's technology making your life easier? The right technology—set up the right way—can meet your school's needs by improving efficiencies, automating administration, eliminating redundancies and errors, and saving time and money. Examine how administrators at one school increased efficiency with technology that eliminated paper and automated processes. Learn a simple process to evaluate your school's needs determine if your current technology is sufficient, and decide what technology is right for your school.

Hope DeRocha, Director of HR Consulting Services, Austin & Co., Inc.
Paul Kane, Chief Administrative Officer, The International Preschools
Lauren Seward, Marketing & Projects, Austin & Co., Inc.


Concurrent Sessions C

3:15 pm - 4:30 pm

Realizing a Master Plan

Review the path, process and design aspirations that enabled one school to achieve a 21st-century facility built upon 19th-century grounds. Discover how, through steady planning, strategic property acquisition and incremental building projects that advance education, school leaders unified a campus of building additions to create integrated learning spaces and a hub of student life.

Catherine Broh, Partner, MGA Partners
Charles Moleski, Partner, Becker and Frondorf
Adam Wojtelwicz, CFO, Business Manager, The Shipley School

Building a Business Contract that's Fit for the National Archives

School leaders conduct business with third parties and need the proper tools to protect themselves from potential liability and financial risks. Discover the meaning of contract provisions, review sample language and understand insurance requisites. Gain insight on how to protect your school and learn options to negotiate contract language that works within the culture of your school.

Heather DeBlanc, Partner, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore
Darrow Milgrim, Managing Director, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
Steven Prothro, Chief Financial Officer, The John Thomas Dye School

Investment Committee Boot Camp: Safeguarding Your School's Endowment

Investment committees face significant challenges, including expectations for high returns, escalating institutional needs and public scrutiny of investment management costs. Timely decision making with a focus on policy and strategy, along with engaged and effective leadership, is vital. Hear from three officials who serve on independent school investment committees. Review practical strategies for effective committee leadership and discuss investment policies, conflicts of interest and operational best practices.

John Regan, MBA, Chief Investment Officer, Permanens Capital
Kimberly Leeker, MBA, Associate Head, CFO, King School
Teresa Brady, Business Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Northwood School

Gender Identity: Marriage, Work, Restrooms -- What Are Your Obligations?

The explosion of social change that has occurred over the last few years has left many administrators wondering about their legal obligations regarding gender identity issues. Must employers accommodate transgender employees? What about other employees' or students' rights to privacy in the restroom and locker room? Hear what experiences other school officials have had in managing these issues. Get a roadmap to understanding the school's rights and obligations while finding ways to be as inclusive as possible.

Suzanne Bogdan, Regional Managing Partner, Chair Education Practice Group, Fisher Phillips
Faye Ferguson, Director of Finance and Operations, National Cathedral School
Denise Brown-Allen, Associate Head of School, National Cathedral School
Steve Piltch, Head of School, Shipley School

Investment Policy, Risk Management and Spending Decisions in Low-Return Environments

Many independent school endowments will report negative investment returns for fiscal 2016. Yet the imperatives of support for the institution's mission, prudent management of investment risks, and the maintenance of equity between generations remain at the top of fiduciaries' agendas. Discuss the steps that school officals are taking to balance these important but often conflicting goals.

William Jarvis, Executive Director, Commonfund Institute
Steven Snyder, Managing Director, Head of Relationship Management, Commonfund
Frank V. Aloise, Jr., Chief Financial Officer, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

Rethinking FTE: Student Ratios

Compensation expenses account for 60 percent to 70 percent of most day school budgets. During discussions about financial sustainability and budgets, this ratio is the area that administrators dislike talking about most. Schools are close-knit communities, and their cultural identities are tied to people and relationships on campus. Explore models that offer short- and long-term options for schools. Examine how those options could play out on our campus.

Bradford Rathgeber, Executive Director, One Schoolhouse
Lorri Palko, CFO, One Schoolhouse

Capital and Endowment Campaigns: Best Practices for Accounting and Collaboration

When embarking on capital and endowment campaigns, it is imperative that the campaign and its complex transactions are accounted for correctly. Learn how other business officers have handled a variety of unique transactions and endowment-investment decisions. Discuss accounting best practices and technical-accounting treatments, as well as how to work most effectively with your administrative team to tackle campaign challenges.

Dean Quiambao, Partner, Armanino LLP

Technology: Purposefully and Successfully Implementing Change

Technology has been infusing itself into classrooms at an exponential rate, showing great potential to positively affect a student's educational success. However, that success depends on focused planning, budgeting, implementation, training and support. Discuss how to balance implementing new technology as an effective tool with the desire to keep up with the latest trends.

Timothy Maki, Director of Technology, Tilton School


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