Attendees of our annual event turn to the Program Guide to navigate the many opportunities—sessions, meals, special events—set before them. Attendee evaluations show the program guide is the most useful tool for planning their event schedule. We expect over 1,200 registrants plus 100 guests, VIPs, and exhibitors to use this guide at the 2017 Annual Meeting.

Advertising opportunities for the on-site program are limited. For more information, email Chris Kalavsky at or call 202-407-7146.

Advertising Options Rate
Full Page Ad
On-Site Program


Material Sizes

  • Program trim size 7" x 9"
  • Full bleed page 7 1/2" x 9 1/2"


  • Deadline for ad reservation: January 1, 2017
  • Deadline for ad materials: January 27, 2017

General Policy

The advertiser assumes liability for the content of all advertising printed, and also assumes responsibility for any claims arising there from made against the publisher. All advertising is subject to approval of the publisher. Individuals or organizations not known to NBOA may be asked to paying advance for the first insertion of an advertisement. Cancellation of and changes to space reservations must be received in writing prior to the published space reservation deadlines. Alterations to materials must be received prior to published materials deadlines. NBOA reserves the unrestricted right to reject any advertising at any time. Failure to publish an advertisement invalidates the order only for that insertion but does not constitute a breach of contract.

All positions other than premium ones are given on a space-available basis. Position requests will be filled to the greatest extent possible, but cannot be guaranteed except for cover and paid premium positions.

Print Specifications

Four-color process, full bleed

Preferred Material

Digital submissions via email.


  • High-resolution PDF (PDF/X4)is preferred.
  • QuarkXpress
  • InDesign
  • llustrator (with type converted to outlines, saved as EPS and with all linked files)
  • Freehand (with type converted to paths, as EPS and with all linked files)
  • Photoshop (saved as TIFF or EPS)
  • Other applications (e.g., PowerPoint, Publisher, Word) are unacceptable.


  • Supply all printer and screen fonts, including fonts embedded in art files.
  • PC files may be submitted.
  • Pseudo-type commands should not be used (i.e., if italics are desired, then the italic version of the font should be used, not the italic style).

What To Send

  • The file of the ad (e.g., QuarkXpress file).
  • Any support files that are incorporated into your ad (e.g., logo scans, images).
  • The screen and printer fonts used in your ad. Fonts still need to be included even if the ad is saved as an EPS file. Look closely for any EPS files embedded within your ad (e.g., a logo) that may use fonts, and include those as well. When using Multiple Master fonts, the entire family of fonts must be included regardless of whether or not all the versions are used in the ad. Variations caused by font substitutions due to fonts not being sent or converted as appropriate are the responsibility of the advertiser.